Yep…50 gallon drum of whup-ass is the story of the UPFN Lessinger and her compliment of Marines: 2nd Platoon, Alpha and Bravo Squads. Our story begins just prior to the Second Sathar War. The Lessinger is a “fat-belly” frigate whith a full Platoon of Marines, and two drop-ships. It’s mission: Patrol the space lanes and keep them safe from Pirates and other threats. The ship’s Captain is Navy Captain Carl Wheaten, a Sathar War veteran, and very capable commander. Our main characters are the brave souls of Bravo Squad: Corporal Steve Richards, Human Technician and Bravo Squad leader; Corporal Conrad Jeremy, Human Military Specialist, Squad sniper, and demolitions expert; Corporal Prun Tolo, Dralasite Psycho-Social Specialist; Lance Corporal Jagron Greddick, Yazirian Military Specialist, Melee expert; Navy Corpsman Syrinn Latella, Human Combat Medic; and Private First Class Jarron Kellum, Human Military Specialist.

UPF Marines on Patrol